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INVETTA stands for Investment Transfer and Technology Alliances. INVETTA exists to transfer theory into practice in the Agri-business industry by producing superior analytical solutions to complex economic problems facing emerging economies including African countries. Or indeed set ourselves to answer the question whether Agri-business and related manufacturing is the rout to industrialize African economies, and thus a way to economic prosperity.

Excellence In

Emphasizing quality, diversification of produce, add value on produce – i.e. introduce processing plants instead of exporting raw agricultural produce – further processing of products into finished products


To be an innovative technological and investment social enterprise to support sustainable agribusiness projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Welcome to
Invetta Model Farm

 Invetta Model Farm (IMF), is demonstration farm place that teaches good farming practices. Located in South West Uganda about 150 KM from the capital city Kampala, in Kalungu District in a vibrant green village of Kyamusoke. Kalungu District has an area of 811.6km2 and a population of about 180,000 people.  Invetta Model Farm is a demonstration plot, where farmers receive hands-on experience in preparing the land, planting fruit trees, controlling pests and diseases, managing the soil and harvesting the fruits.

Welcome to Invetta Pig Farming

We are in the pig farming business because we want to leverage on the vast opportunities available in the livestock farming industry in Africa, to contribute our quota in growing the Uganda Economy; in national food (meat) production, raw materials production for industries; to export agriculture produce from Uganda to other countries and over and above to make profit. Invetta Ltd is well equipped and well positioned to become one of the leading pig farming businesses in Uganda, which is why we have been able to source for the best hands and equipment to run the business.

Corporate Strategy

Agri-business. In globalizing world commercialization seems to be the key to better and more efficient goods and services. Here the rebirth of agribusiness means first and foremost a new perspective to agricultural production, value added activities as well as up-and downstream services, and an emphasis to commercialization along the value chain of Africa’s produce. INVETTA decided as an investment strategy to opt for agribusiness. This would capitalize on vast and readily exploitable African countries resources – i.e. natural resources namely: Good climate – enabling all year round farming; fertile soils and the cost effectiveness of relatively cheap labour.


Emphasize technology transfer and being open to exploring new ideas.  Open up demonstration farms in different areas for local farmers to learn and duplicate.  There is also requirement for research and development

Produce diversification

Less emphasis on traditional cash crops, and engaging in alternative production of citrus fruits, herbal and botanical plants, spices, silk wool, palm trees, honey production, rubber production and explore other areas like agro-forestry

Promotion of African products

This should be through a distribution network of strong and robust reputable image.  Suggestion being, creation of brand names (for products) of characteristics showing Africa at it’s best.

Choose Commercial Farming

Why Commercial Farming

Commercial fruit farming can alleviate poverty in rural Uganda.  A mango tree can yield 500 – 600 mangoes a year and has a productive life of more than 50 years. For rural farmers, like those in Kalungu District, this means introducing a new crop or finding new value in a product they had taken for granted.  

IMF will purchase all their fruits at a higher than average market price.  IMF is going to process all its fruits into highest quality, high value fruit concentrate for export. Fruit concentrates fetch far higher prices on the world market than fresh fruit.  With another added advantage of concentrates having longer shelf life than fresh fruits.  

With a market now available for their mangoes, the farmers are discovering a new source of income – and a new investment for their future. Sustainable fruit farming to farmers in Kalungu villages will mean quality education for their children; pension for the elderly and health insurance for all participating families

Invetta Model Farm

Community Social Responsibility

INVETTA is committed to community outreach through dissemination of commercialization of agriculture as a way of empowering the community against poverty.  As we succeed in our objective we will also   ensure that our business activities aim to have a positive impact and raise living standards and economic wellbeing in the areas of operation as well as working towards protecting the local environment.

Development Partners

  • Open Innovation We have a vision of a better future for our world and our business and we want partners to share it. If you have a new design or technology that could help us grow our business and solve the challenges we’ve set, we’d like to work with you through Open Innovation in the spirit of sharing and volunteering.
  • How you can work with usWe will consider partnerships with established suppliers, start-ups, academics, designers, individual inventors – anyone and well wisher with a practical innovation or any assistance that can help us meet our challenges.