Business Overview

Significant personal capital and time invested is enabling INVETTA Limited to become a socially responsible company with strong net tangible assets, near-term profitability with diversified revenue streams. We are building the infrastructure and logistics to be in place for exponential growth in the coming years.

Our agricultural “Farm-to-Fork” model allows us to plant a seed and produce a finished, marketable and branded product for both export and domestic markets sales. The INVETTA enterprise is able to capture added value for each product as it moves from the farm fields to the shop shelves, increasing revenues, optimising margins and increasing hope.  Export agreements in the UK have opened up international markets to the enterprise for the first time.

Corporate Strategy

Agri-business. In globalizing world commercialization seems to be the key to better and more efficient goods and services. Here the rebirth of agribusiness means first and foremost a new perspective to agricultural production, value added activities as well as up-and downstream services, and an emphasis to commercialization.  INVETTA decided as an investment strategy to opt for agribusiness.  This would capitalize on vast and readily exploitable African countries resources – i.e. natural resources namely: Good climate – enabling all year round farming; fertile soils and the cost effectiveness of relatively cheap labour.

Historically in many Sub-Saharan African countries agribusiness is dominated by a few cash crops namely: coffee, cotton, tobacco and tea – these produce still have room for improvement in terms of quality and quantity.  More efficient methods of production are required.  In agribusiness the aim should be for production process to catch up with the rest of the world and further make sure the African countries excel.  How?

– Excellence in agribusiness is to be achieved by: Emphasizing quality, diversification of produce, add value on produce – i.e. introduce processing plants instead of exporting raw agricultural produce – further processing of products into finished products.  This will require operating more as a resource manager than a producer

– Technology. Emphasize technology transfer and being open to exploring new ideas.  Open up demonstration farms in different areas for local farmers to learn and duplicate.  There is also requirement for research and development in appropriate and modern technology – involving farm mechanization and more efficient processing plants.

– Produce diversification and being able to adapt to market changes. Less emphasis on traditional cash crops, and engaging in alternative production of citrus fruits, herbal and botanical plants, spices, silk wool, palm trees, honey production, rubber production and explore other areas like agro-forestry i.e. the management of trees, livestock and plants together as a unit.

– Promotion of African products and realize the importance of networking and the need to develop alliances. This should be through a distribution network of strong and robust reputable image.  Suggestion being, creation of brand names (for products) of characteristics showing Africa at it’s best.

– Form Alliances.  Pooling of resources with other entities of similar aspirations creates synergies, to benefit all parties involved.  This minimizes duplication of effort, leading to focusing on wider scope of development

– Engage with respected and established local partners in the processes of evaluation and project development

– Work with local communities to achieve corporate goals whilst enriching the society within our areas of operation


Uganda was identified to be the initial grounds for INVETTA agribusiness operations due to its great potential for agribusiness and for other business strategic reasons one being its location in Africa.  In all areas of agribusiness the critical analysis of Uganda’s performance concludes that the country is operating below capacity and diversification in agricultural produce still has room for improvement.  The combination made Uganda a good place to start INVETTA MODEL FARM. The project was started in 2011.