Invetta Advisory Board.

Read The Story Behind
Our Success

Behind the success INVETTA is recording is a dedicated team of advisors.  Their professional input in our operations is much appreciated.  The strides that our development has taken so far is evidence of how the knowledge value that each person brings to the table is positively impacting the company’s direction and growth. It’s our pleasure to present the members in the Invetta Advisory Board.

  • Mr John Ssemakula. United kingdom (Financial planning)
  • Mr Victor Mukasa. United Kingdom (Corporate Development Strategist)
  • Mr Patrick Musisi. Kampala Uganda (Agronomist & plant Science specialist)
  • Mr Dick Sseguya. Kalungu Uganda (Veterinary Officer & animal Science specialist)
  • Mr Robert Kisitu. The Netherlands ( Investment Finance Strategist)
  • Pius. Kawanda Research Centre. Kampala Uganda (Agronomist & plant Science specialist)
  • Mr Joseph Lukwago. Kampala Uganda (Biogas & Organic Manure)
  • Pius Wagona - Senior Chemical Analyst 10 years experience in general agriculture based at Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute Kampala Uganda